Rediscover Stunning Construction Works By Top Hawaii Construction Companies

The realm of prosperity and development of a society depends greatly on growth and development of the surroundings which has always included the elements of construction and building. This is exactly the kind of development that the beautiful Hawaii constructions under Patrick Nan Shin reveal; perfection, elegance, style, class and splendor, to name some.


Founded by Patrick Nan Shin, Nan Inc has successfully completed a myriad of general contracting, renovation and design-build projects where they have given their best to give their projects a stunning appearance in the final showdown. One of their achievements is renovation work at “FY13 MCA PN 76903 Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Complex (CABC), Phase 2” This is a huge project with a hefty amount at stake and the work involves designing plus construction of the twin story “Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing Facilities” supporting the “25th Infantry Division Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB)” placed at the “Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii”.

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The project demands the building of standard structured barracks, capable of housing apparently 404 soldiers. The initial facilities feature the construction of barracks, building information facilities, central plan, alarm systems and fire protection facilities including Energy Monitoring Control Systems or EMCS connection. The facilities also comprise of energy facilities for easy sustainability purpose. The ancillary facilities include site improvement, utilities, lighting, parking, paving, walks, gutters, landscaping and signage including air conditioning in the central plant area. The construction will also include Central Plant as well as parking spaces.


The “Keaukaha Military Reservation, Joint Military Center” Phase 1 in the Island of Hawaii is another important project as the location serves as a vital center for training for both the US Army Reserve and the Hawaii Army National Guard. This construction site is placed within an apparently 19-acre site. It is a six building zone with almost 106,000 sq ft., consisting of a lobby space including assembly hall, initially storage building and classroom coupled with vehicle maintenance facility and a state maintenance facility. Few other highlights include the command officers as well as the arm storage simulation center accompanied by an overhead bridge crane to help with the maintenance of heavy equipment. The facilities also comprise of Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) fleet along with basketball court, fitness room including exercise equipment and spacious bbq pavilion. This project also got a LEED Silver grade from the US Green Building Council.

Nan Chul Shin’s Nan Inc also boasts of the “Whole Barracks Renewal Phase 2F2/2G” project in which the renewal works involved battalion headquarters that range from apparently 120,000 sq ft each. The project also includes classroom, conference rooms, command officers and secured data storage vaults. The operations facilities extend to almost 30,000 sq ft across three separate structures adding up with platoon offices, arms vaults, storage for gear locker, high-end equipment storage as well as handstand for vehicle maintenance. Other facilities include covered motorcycle parking, bicycle storage, vehicle access and a spacious pavilion.

With their success in Hawaii general contracting projects, Nan Inc has received many Certificates of Achievement for its excellent performance from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Specializing in exquisite Hawaii design-build projects, the Team Nan Inc is known for their level of perfection not only in construction but also in planning and maintaining budget and estimates.

Taking Hawaii To The Next Level: Nan Inc And Its Joint Ventures!

Often to carry out transforming developments you have to collaborate with similar minds. Sometimes you need more creativity and different thought process to produce big results. Hawaii too has undergone this phase of massive evolution when some of its top 5 Hawaii general contractors teamed up to build the future of Hawaii. And, Patrick Shin was one of them whose young company Nan Inc has always been on the forefront to build Hawaii into a great place. The success of Nan Inc took a great turn after partnering with various construction firms, which got it many awards and recognitions afterward.


From subcontractors, architects to several small business firms, every one of them joined up to make Hawaii a better place to live in. It not just helped in the making of Patrick Nan Shin as a great builder but also proved as a great step in overcoming the growing competition in the construction company. From construction, preconstruction to design build in Hawaii, everything was taken up to the advanced levels under joint ventures, which resulted in really mind-blowing developments.

Here is an overview of some of the great ventures that were taken up jointly by the Nan Inc and were a big success:

•    SYS-KA/NAN JV: This was the first ever successful large business joint venture of Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc with Syska Hennessy Group, now named as GKK Works for the Multiple Award Task Order Contract, which constituted Design-Bid-Build Construction Services and Design-build services within the Honolulu Engineer District Area of Responsibility. This was the first medical facility contract of Nan Inc amounting approximately to $25 million, which was five-year long and was awarded by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

•    AMEC-NAN Joint Venture: Awarded on July 31, 2009, it was a $9.6 million project that included the design and construction of Child Development Center at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, which features rooms and spaces to take care of 122 children, aged between 6 weeks to 5 years. Nan Inc proved his caliber in this project and was awarded GMAC. In this way, it became the first contract of Patrick Shin that opened him the doors to work globally.

•    Manson-Nan Hawaii JV: Being the third successful joint venture, this project offered Nan Inc its first waterfront-specific contract. This included the construction of a new two-story building that comprised of shipyard production shops, support spaces, a large freight elevator, and an extended elevator tower.

•    The Latest CNMS Joint Venture: It was a joint venture between five partners; Caddel Construction Co.Inc, Nan Inc, Manson Construction Co, Samsung Texas Construction and LS3P Associated Ltd. This venture was framed to perform the development work under NAVFAC’s Pacific Design-Build Multiple Award Construction Contract for U.S Military Construction Projects for sites in Guam and other areas under the cognizance of NAVFAC Pacific.

This is how Nan Inc took a strategic move of coming into partnership with other construction leaders and dealt with cut-throat competition to stay in the limelight.

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The Rise Of Hawaii General Contractors In Hawaii: Introducing The Top 5’s

The building industry of Hawaii has achieved a lot of name and fame in the recent years and the credit for this popularity goes to its hardworking contractors. There are many like Patrick Shin, the Nan Inc Owner, who is continuously striving to make Hawaii proud with his achievements and success stories. As we discussed earlier, there are 25 top contractors in Hawaii, Nan Chul Shin being one of them, so in this post, we will be highlighting the top five’s today.

•    The First On The List Is The Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.Inc: For the ninth consecutive year, the company has managed to maintain its No.1 rank amongst 27th Annual top 25 contractors’ ranking of Building Industry Magazine in Hawaii. Their solid worklist has always kept them at the top, which demonstrates their ability and proficiency to successfully handle large stock of private and public projects. The list of their ongoing projects cover all the fields starting from retail, residential, medical, roadwork to military and harbors. It’s been 112 years that they are serving Hawaii and promise to bring continued growth in the industry as well as in Hawaii.


•    The No.2 Company Is Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc: This young company of just 26 years is headed by Nan Chul Shin and has greatly contributed in building the future of Hawaii. With many multi-million dollar projects in its name, the Nan Inc owner has won many awards and recognitions for his incredible team and amazing construction work. According to them their success and achievements are a direct result of their dedication, punctuality, quality of work, flexibility, and safety and this is what makes Nan Inc.


•    Next Is The DCK Pacific Construction LLC: Having been in the construction industry from past 75 years, the company specializes in design-build, design-assist, and general contractor. They have a long worklist and work with a goal to take a value-added approach to general contracting instead of playing purely in the low-bid market. This 275 worker company has made it to No.3 as a result of their series of successful ventures and a million dollar turnover over the previous year.

DCK Pacific Construction LLC.jpg

•    On The 4th Rank Is The Nordic PCL Construction Inc: The 55 percent increase in the company’s revenue in 2013 brought it to the No.4 in the top 25 contractors list. This was the largest increase in revenues in 76-year-history of the company. The company is known to be the best place to work in Hawaii and is Hawaii’s most charitable companies. They believe in teamwork and this is what makes the pieces fit here.

Nordic PCL Construction Inc.jpg

•    Swinerton Builders Holds The 5th Place In The List: They were holding the second place till last year but soon Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc won that place. Today, they rank 5th in the top 25 list of contractors. Although the company is 126-years old but they are serving Hawaii from last 11 years. They have managed to create a trustworthy client base with their high-quality projects.

Swinerton-Builders-Hawaii .jpg

This is how Hawaii is taking a massive development leap every year.

How Nan Inc Improved The National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific

The Nan Inc made a big contribution towards the war heroes of United States when it accepted the project related to Columbarium expansion and cemetery improvements in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a national cemetery that serves as a memorial to honor the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces and those who have given their lives while serving the country. The Nan Inc Owner Nan Chul Shin was offered this project by the department of veterans affairs at a contract amount of $25,100,445 with a view to making some major improvements here so that the place could be made worth visiting for both tourists and locals as well as highly advanced for the members and officers.

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific 2.jpg

This was a really big project, which was taken in the national interest by the Nan Inc. And, the team made every possible effort to make it a successful venture. The Nan Inc owner selected the best team to work for it so that the results are amazing and interesting to watch. They used the best resources and deep technical expertise for bringing out eye-opening advancements at this national cemetery.

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

The design-build project of this national cemetery comprised of a lot of improvements that were to be made both inside and outside of this place.

Take a glance at the various amendments made by the team Nan Inc in Honolulu:

•    Construction of the new Administration and Public Information Center outside of the cemetery gate
•    Another major undertaking of the project was to prepare the steep hilly site, which required the construction of keystone retaining walls so that the drilled piers foundation can be set in place
•    The improvements inside the cemetery included the construction of the Memorial Wall
•    The replacement of columbarium caps at courts 1-5 inside the cemetery
•    Demolishing of the existing Administration and PIC building
•    Construction of Columbarium Court 13, which included 6,860 columbarium niches
•    Repair of existing roadways
•    Replacement of existing signage followed by site furnishing, landscaping, irrigation and site utilities

It was the sheer brilliance of the team Nan Inc that lead to the amazing improvements at this place of national use. Now it has been transformed into a beautifully maintained cemetery at Punchbowl, which is a memorial to honor men and women who gave up their lives in the line of duty. Certainly, it was a worth appreciating effort of team Nan Inc who over-excavated 16,500 cubic yards of undocumented fill and replaced it with 22,700 cubic yards of fill to bring this site to proper grade. The Nan Inc Owner, Nan Chul Shin received a lot of accolades for this project. His deep building acumen, thoughtful steps, and years of expertise were some of the factors that helped him in shaping and improving this cemetery so well. And, all his hard work was paid when this project got awarded with LEED silver rating by the US Green Building Council.

More power to Nan Inc for such excellent jobs!